if u have a nice butt there’s a 10,000% chance i wanna see it

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I laughed so hard I woke up my dad.

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The best part of Louis saying “do me a favor” to Harry was that it was when Harry was massaging Liam’s ear.. It’s like he just haaaad to take Harry’s attention away from Liam and put it back on him after watching that go down in the monitor. Because there was no real reason for him to turn to Harry in that moment and say “do me a favor… Hold my tennis racquet?” No reason except that he wanted Harry to pay attention to him haha

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@Harry_Styles: Wait til you see @zaynmalik’s boobs!

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I think we all need to acknowledge this for a second because Adam made a really good point about this the other day and I haven’t gotten around to bitching about it until now. Everyone has been going on for MONTHS about how ridiculous wrecking ball is. How Miley is nude and posed provocatively and singing a pop-y song. Now, Panic! At The Disco has released a music video of Brendon Urie basically naked, posed provocatively, singing a pop-y song. No one says a god damned thing. Everyone is all hot-and-bothered over Brendon, but pissed at Miley, calling her a slut. (don’t get me wrong, I loved the music video, too. However, I find Miley just as sexy.)

I’m just saying, this is why I need feminism.

I would also like to point out the different meanings of the nudity in either video.

The Panic! At The Disco video is a song Called Girls/Girls/Boys. A song about a girl who is struggling with her sexual identity and [the narrator / singer] is calling her out by telling her he can see through her “having a boyfriend” rouse, because it’s obvious that she also has a girlfriend whom she keeps in secret to protect her “straight” appearance; for fear of judgement. It is also alluded to here that the singer / narrator has an unrequited love for the girl, but is obviously not the gender that she prefers. The nudity in this video appears to represent openness. The lack of secrets or anything to hide. He’s a male, in love with a female who prefers females and will never love him back; and there’s nothing he can do about it to change himself.

The Miley video is for Wrecking Ball. A much more self explanatory song about the raw, hurting, feelings after a break up with a long term relationship. Not any relationship, but, a real relationship with a real person that Miley had publicly just gone through. There was basically a 100% chance that her ex would see that video; and this is where the nudity comes in. Not something sexual, but vulnerability. The two most vulnerable states in the world are being nude (physical judgement, lack of protection) and expressing your emotions (emotional / mental judgement, letting down your guard). The nudity in Miley’s video represents her being completely vulnerable; much like she had been to let her ex into her life for such a long time.

Either way, gender removed from the topic; neither nudity in either video is a sexual nudity. The problem here isn’t just gender discrimination; it’s also oversexualization. If the nudity in the videos was not taken out of context and sexualized; neither of the artists involved would be patronized or glorified in any way other than a genuine critique.

This is why oversexualization is a problem.

Thank you

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I’m into like, comic books. I used to collect them when I was younger. It was quite a geeky thing to do, I think. 

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